About Balloon Decorators for DC, Maryland & Virginia

To most people, balloons are colorful latex or foil bubbles filled with air.  But to us, balloons are a necessity for any type of celebration. As a kid, I remember the excitement I felt when I saw balloons. It didn’t matter whether it was at a carnival or in a hospital.  Balloons just have a way of lifting my spirits. It wasn’t until several years ago that I realized how much they were still a part of my life. Every holiday, birthday, retirement, or other special event was celebrated with balloons. My continued passion for balloons inspired me to begin our business. As I became more and more intrigued with balloon art, I read, researched and consulted with other balloon artists to learn the “tricks of the trade”. I was amazed at all the things that one can create with balloons. Even my husband Rob who isn’t as thrilled about balloons as I am seems to enjoy the challenge of balloon decor.

When I’m not dabbling in balloon creations, I enjoy making memories with Rob, our families and friends. I am Italian and my family and I are very close. Together, we spend a lot of time traveling, cooking, playing games and just having fun! Surrounded by the love and support of my family and friends and happiness that I feel when working with balloons, life is good!

Let us share our creativity with you in hopes of making your next event a spectacular celebration. Maybe you, too, will come to realize that even though balloons may be made of latex or foil, there is something “magical” about those colorful bubbles!

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