Balloon Decorating Services

We at Up, Up and Away! would like to proudly share some of our work to show what a little creativity and imagination can do. The portfolio consists of various types of balloon decor including arches, fantasy clouds, topiaries, columns, bouquets, centerpieces, etc. It doesn’t matter whether your event is taking place at the most luxurious hotel in town or at a local fire department hall or in someone’s backyard. Balloons are appropriate for any event as they are available in many shapes, sizes, colors and prints. You will see (and hopefully agree) that balloons will enhance the overall appearance, giving you the look that you want to capture all at an affordable price.

Spiral Arches

are a thick, 3-dimensional design where the colors wrap around and looks like that of a candy cane.

String-Of-Pearl Arches

are very much like a string-of-pearl necklace where there is one balloon right next to the other forming an arch. They are different from the spiral arch in that they are somewhat simple and dainty.

Balloon Centerpieces

Fantasy Clouds

Fantasy Clouds are two clusters of latex balloons with an oversized latex or foil balloon on top. They are secured with a virtually invisible line so they look like floating “clouds”.


Balloon Columns

Balloon Trees

Balloon Trees are many latex balloons from the top to the bottom with an oversized latex or foil balloon on top

Balloon Sculptures